Interview with Ian Hutchinson: the recovery and the shock Honda switch

Ian Hutchinson (Ph: Diego Mola)

His soft way of speaking and the pretty clear Yorkshire accent made me feel comfortable straight away. In Hutchy’s living room I would have wanted to ask a lot of questions. Too many questions. For the first time after his shock Honda deal, Ian Hutchinson is granting an interview and the subjects couldn’t be other than his recovery after 2017 TT crash and his switch from TAS BMW to Honda Racing.

The People’s Bike Team, interview with Janice Thompson


In the spectacular road racing world there is a small group of people who donate their time to help up and coming riders. We are talking about “The People’s Bike Team”, which is outstandingly supporting road racers since 2009. 

Interview with Patricia Fernandez, the fastest lady at the Ulster GP


At the Ulster Grand Prix in Northern Ireland, last August, we had the pleasure to catch up with the fastest road racer girl on the 7.4 miles Dundrod circuit who set the new Ulster GP female record in 2016 and improved it during this year’s edition. 

Interview with Adam McLean, impressive best newcomer at the TT


This year’s Isle of Man TT has been pretty unusual for what concerns newcomers. As it is known, getting an entry directly to the TT nowadays is not as easy as it was in the past and, unless you are a well known rider like Josh Brookes or Peter Hickman, or you have some road racing experience, the debut at the Manx Grand Prix is almost inevitable. 

Interview with Micko Sweeney, the comeback kid

image3 (2)

There are moments in life when you suddenly find yourself thinking about what you are doing, which path you are taking. And a crash, for a rider, can well be one of those moments. For Michael Sweeney this happened in 2015, after a very bad crash at the Isle of Man TT. Then, the buzz and the lure of road racing had the best again.